The Acero Edge


We want our customers to love their homes, but also want to make sure they have made a well-informed financial decision. The success of any residential real estate transaction is based on the agent’s knowledge of the local market and how a client’s goals fit into that market. Our agents get to know every client and create a trusting relationship based on the commitment to finding the perfect home and/or the perfect buyer for everyone. We use a simple equation that starts with a complete and realistic market analysis. We then factor in any needed or desired changes to the property that will affect the selling price, or the amount of money you will need to get things done.

Real estate is part science and part art.  The Acero Edge helps balance this relationship with a simple formula.

The Acero Edge for Homebuyers

Acero Agent + Market Analysis+Desired or Needed Improvements + Emotional Attachment = Your Perfect Home

We realize that buying a home is not just about the price. Based on our years of experience in real estate, the team at Acero helps you factor in the emotional attachment to the home or the amount it is worth to you. This will include information about the community, lifestyle, unique neighborhood personality and much more than what a big box agent may be able to provide. Lastly, we understand that sometimes it’s just a “gut feel.” We will never take advantage of that emotional attachment nor will we pressure you to make a decision.

The Acero Edge for Sellers

Acero Agent + Market Analysis + Customized Marketing + Emotional Detachment = An Easy Process and Profitable Sale

Similar to the Acero Edge for Buyers, our experts will help sellers take into consideration an honest market analysis, any renovations or changes that need to be done, and then work with them to create unique marketing to get the best price and find the right buyers for their home. We also help them to detach themselves from the emotional aspects and focus on enhancing the positive selling features of the home.