Michael Koklarinis, Senior Sales Associate

KoklarinisMichael Koklarinis is Acero’s Senior Sales Associate and newest team member. A licensed real estate agent, he will primarily focus on the South Hills and the Mon Valley, an area he knows well as a native of Elizabeth, Pa. In addition to serving as a real estate agent at one of Pittsburgh’s prominent agencies, Michael’s career background also includes sales & marketing in the long-term health care arena. He credits that previous role in healthcare with providing a great foundation for his career at Acero, mainly because it involved establishing trust and guiding both individuals and families through significant life decisions.

“Certainly, purchasing a home is a huge financial step and a long-term lifestyle choice. I pride myself on the ability to establish a rapport with clients based on trust and care. Each transaction is important and unique, and I want both my buyers and sellers to feel confident in my ability to guide them through the process. I want them to understand that I care and will take the time to understand their needs and to relate on all levels.”

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